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27 May 2010 12:21


Tech: Apple’s bigger than Microsoft. How? On AOL News, we explain

  • Thirteen years ago, Microsoft gave Apple a big loan. Since then, Steve Jobs has become a bit of a graybeard but he’s also turned Apple into a company that’s now bigger than Microsoft. Literally. It just happened yesterday. How? Check out our AOL News article. It explains everything. Essentially, Apple’s market capitalization is based on their future potential. Microsoft’s is based on their continuing huge profits. source

13 May 2010 22:02


U.S.: Should we trust the numbers we’ve been hearing from the oil spill?

  • The government has a responsibility to get good numbers. If it’s beyond their technical capability, the whole world is ready to help them.
  • Florida State University oceanographer Ian R. MacDonald • Regarding the numbers the government has been using to explain the growth of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. MacDonald and others claim that the spill has spewed forth far more than 5,000 barrels a day (still very high), and suggest that the method that they used to measure the spill was not designed for spills the size of the uncontrollably-spewing Gulf spill. For its part, oil company BP suggested that the leak could spew as much as 60,000 barrels a day – in other words, an Exxon Valdez worth of oil every four days. Scared yet? source

23 Mar 2010 11:11


Offbeat: Paintings of the Last Supper getting hungrier over time

  • 50 paintings of the Biblical Last Supper analyzed by Cornell University for some reason
  • 23%-69% increase in size of the Last
    Supper’s serving sizes, because,
    really, why not? source

13 Jan 2010 10:55


World: Haiti’s biggest city, Port-au-Prince, ballooned in size quickly

  • 250,000 Port-au-Prince’s population in the 1950s, according to U.S. ambassador Timothy M. Carney
  • 2 million the city’s population today; it grew in size very quickly with little oversight or planning source

22 Nov 2009 20:29


U.S.: Wince-worthy: A super-sized man dies after being cut out of a chair

  • 900 pounds Daniel Webb’s weight before he died last week
  • nine months the amount of time he was stuck inside a La-Z-Boy chair source

18 Nov 2009 20:03


U.S.: The Senate has a big plan for health care – but will it pass?

  • $849 billion the size, over ten years, of the biggest thing that’s getting tea partiers all riled up
  • $127 billion the decrease in the deficit the Congressional Budget Office anticipates with the bill source

29 Oct 2009 11:08


U.S.: How big is Nancy Pelosi’s house health care bill? (We’ll tell you.)

  • $894 billion the size of the health care bill Nancy Pelosi introduced today; that’s similar to the size of the senate bill
  • 36
    people will benefit from the bill, which will cut future federal deficits by about $30 million over ten years source

21 Sep 2009 21:53


Tech: The scale of World of Warcraft is beyond massive

  • 5.5 million lines of code for the game, which is 1.3 petabytes in size (a petrabyte is a BILLION megabytes)
  • 4.4 billion in-game rewards have been handed out the game’s 12 million subscribers/shut-ins source

17 Sep 2009 20:15


Tech: Fun fact: The tyrannosaurus rex used to be human-sized

So, does this mean that over time, humans will eventually grow up to be the size of houses? If so, that’d be awesome. source

12 Aug 2009 10:45


World: The world’s population is bursting at the seams

  • 7 billion the world’s expected population in 2011, according to the 2009 World Population Data Sheet; that’s really fast
  • 97% of the population growth over the next 40 years will happen in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean source