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27 Aug 2009 19:16


Music: Ryan Adams needs to review more retro video games

  • Playing Gorf is like getting wasted, or what I remember about getting wasted: It’s loud, it’s confusing, there are a bunch of lights going off, people (robots) are shooting at you, you need pizza, etc., then its game over.
  • “D.R. Adams” • In a blog post for The Awl, where he discusses being a teenager, playing “Gorf” and listening to Danzig. A reference to “Moonlighting” gets in there, too. You know, Ryan Adams might be an overcreative screw-up, but he’s sure an entertaining one. • source

11 Mar 2009 20:34


Culture, Politics: Ryan Adams + Mandy Moore = Married. Call them “Random.”

  • On celebrity couple names They’re a necessary evil. They create mass hysteria. They adopt more kids and gather more press than they really should, so why not take the thing that makes them truly notable – their name recognition – and bastardize and commoditize it? Magazines are happy. Talk show hosts are happy. And you make them collectively weak.
  • Why they deserve “Random” First of all, who seriously expected Ryan Freakin’ Adams, the guy who releases six albums a year of varying quality, to marry the third-tier Britney Spears who somehow came out of teen stardom unscathed? And “Random” is a great way to describe it. And a clever way to work their name together. Happy honeymoon, Random! source

09 Mar 2009 22:15


Culture, Music: Dear Ryan Adams: Please stop following/diluting your muse

  • 2 books by Ryan Adams in six months. He does this with music, too. source