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23 Apr 2010 15:12


Offbeat: Feel-good story: 99-year-old woman’s first computer an iPad

  • Admit it, you needed a pick-me up. Good thing we have Virginia Campbell, the 99-year-old woman and nursing home resident making sense of her new digital toy. The poet and writer had never owned a computer before, but read a lot. Unfortunately, her eyesight was going bad, so the hype around the device sucked her in. And now she can read on this device really easily. Man, she’s gonna be so upset when she realizes it doesn’t run Flash. source

12 Dec 2009 10:48


World: One old lady kills another for a stupid-sounding reason

  • The Massachusetts nursing-home roommates squabbled over placement of a table. Laura Lundquist, 98, allegedly killed her 100-year-old roommate, Elizabeth Barrow, by choking her with a plastic bag. The two fought for weeks over a number of small things, including where to put a table. Lundquist put it at the foot of Barrow’s bed. Barrow complained to a nurse, who moved it, and Lundquist punched the nurse. Barrow’s attorney claims Lundquist made her client’s life “a living hell” in the last few weeks of her life. source

29 Mar 2009 20:13


U.S.: A lone gunman shoots up a nursing home in N.C.

  • 8 people died, 7 residents and a nurse. Three were wounded. source