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11 Dec 2011 10:10


World: After 20 years, Manuel Noreiga heading back to Panama

The Panamanian dictator has spent decades in jail in the U.S. and France since a U.S.-led invasion in his country in 1989. He’s going home to serve more time in jail for murders allegedly committed during his rule. source

07 Oct 2010 10:21


World: Show-off: Mario Vargas Llosa wins Nobel Prize for literature

This Peruvian dude is the first Latin American Nobel Prize winner in literature since 1990. What you’re witnessing now is this guy’s head getting big. source

29 Apr 2010 20:45


World: Hugo Chavez to Latin American leaders: Join Twitter, the water’s fine

  • 110,275 followers for Hugo already

13 Sep 2009 22:18


World: Hugo Chavez has more guns than you do. A. LOT. MORE.

  • $2 billion deal to get lots of weapons for Venezuela. SIGNED. source

08 Sep 2009 11:06


Culture, World: Daily Poll: Oliver Stone’s love letter to Latin America

  • Oliver Stone’s new movie, “South of the Border,” openly courts controversy in the way only an Oliver Stone movie can. It suggests that media outside of Latin America has been manipulated and that countries like Venezuela are really not that bad. It’s a big wet kiss to Hugo Chavez. Is he right? Is he wrong? Vote. source

01 Jul 2009 10:50


Politics, World: Honduran interim leader: Take me out of power! I dare ya!

  • He can no longer return to the presidency of the republic unless a president from another Latin American country comes and imposes him using guns.
  • Honduran interim president Roberto Micheletti • On what it would take to return ousted leader Jose Manuel Zelaya to power. Basically, this guy is giving notes to Zelaya’s buddy, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (who survived a coup himself, on how to do it. If you want to stay in power, man, just … shut … up … JUST SHUT UP! • source

29 Jun 2009 10:33


World: Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya explains how he was couped

  • I was awakened by shots, and the yells of my guards, who resisted for about 20 minutes. I came out in my pajamas, I’m still in my pajamas … When (the soldiers) came in, they pointed their guns at me and told me they would shoot if I didn’t put down my cellphone.
  • Jose Manuel Zelaya • On the coup which stripped his leadership of the country. Zelaya has a lot of international support, especially from Latin American nations such as his brah Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, who has threatened military action against any new regime Honduras puts in place. The U.S. supports Zelaya too. • source

18 Apr 2009 14:30


U.S., World: Obama seems to be wowing hard-nosed Latin American leaders

  • Eight years ago with this same hand I greeted Bush. I want to be your friend.
  • Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez • Speaking to President Barack Obama during the Summit of the Americas. Chavez, one of Bush’s harshest critics (and Bush, conversely, one of his), seems to actually like Obama and his approach to diplomacy. We expect in a couple of weeks Chavez and Obama will be having slumber parties in the capitals of their respective countries, playing Wii, watching South Park, playing fetch with the dog and eating cold pizza. • source