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19 Apr 2011 00:06


U.S.: Gas Rising: Six states in the US pay at least $4.00 per gallon

  • $4.48 average cost per gallon for gas in Hawaii, the most expensive in the nation
  • $3.54 cost per gallon in Montana, the state with the cheapest gas
  • 26 days straight; that’s how long gas prices in the US have been rising source

22 Feb 2011 10:16


Biz, World: Not to belabor the point about Libya and oil prices, but …

  • 7% increase in oil prices today alone; blame the turmoil source
  • » There’s a point to be made here: Earlier, we complained loudly that USA Today would dare focus on oil prices over the crisis in Libya. But we still think it’s important to note – but not as a lead item, above the deadly violence taking over the region as we speak. Even though 7 percent in a single morning is akin to skyrocketing. Because, if anything, this tells us about the ties between dangerous regimes and cheap oil. Lose one, and you can’t sustain the other.

10 Sep 2010 20:15


U.S.: San Bruno’s gas explosion: A shocking event, preventible?

  • harbinger A bunch of people smelled gas in a residential neighborhood for weeks. Investigators looked into it but found nothing.
  • result A natural gas pipeline exploded, leveling numerous homes and killing four. Now, people are wondering WTF happened. source

30 May 2009 15:43


Biz, U.S.: Good news! We can complain about gas prices again!

  • 20% increase in gas prices in the last 32 days. Whoa. source

12 May 2009 09:42


Biz: Summer’s closing in. Gas prices are on the rise again.

  • 10% or 20¢, increase in gas prices in the last 14 days source

20 Mar 2009 12:52


Offbeat: What’s a fart between a classroom of friends? A suspension.

  • A kid got booted from school for passing gas. The Lakeland County, Florida teen did it intentionally and repeatedly to amuse his classmates, but it was no laughing matter to the school, who suspended the kid under a rule against disruptive behavior (which they stretched out to gastrointensively disruptive behavior in this case). The kid’s dad says the district went too far and is appealing the decision. His argument? “Pull my finger,” of course! source

08 Feb 2009 21:29


U.S.: Gas is creeping up in price again

  • 6¢ national rise in prices in the last two weeks; it’s nearly $2 a gallon source