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22 Oct 2009 09:47


Tech: Dear Apple: Please don’t load OSX up with annoying ads

  • They applied for a patent to do just that. Yikes. Word on the street is that Apple applied for a scary-sounding patent which would allow them to place advertisements within a reduced-cost version of their operating system. The ads would be audiovisual in nature and would limit system functionality when playing. May we just say to Steve Jobs and company: Are you out of your )#&(!)(# mind? source

02 Jul 2009 01:30


Tech: Yo Twitter & Facebook: What the F*&# is “session test”?

  • I get a Session Test every time I try to install the twitter app. I finally gave in and joined twitter and I can’t use with FB. How many days does it take to fix a bug. And who or what is Session Test?
  • Roy Moskowitz • An (understandably) annoyed Facebook user who can’t integrate his account with Twitter because an application called “session test,” whose main purpose seems to be preventing Twitter functionality with Facebook if you’re a new user. Old ones don’t have any problems, but new ones get an error message that says “Error while loading page from ‘session test,'” which sounds like the most cryptic error message ever. And worse, neither company is racing to fix this problem. Screw you Bob McTest, whoever you are. • source

13 May 2009 18:29


Politics, Tech: The tale of #twitterfail and how honesty might have helped

  • The problem with the setting was that it didn’t scale and even if we rebuilt it, the feature was blunt. It was confusing and caused a sense of inconsistency. We felt we could do much better.
  • Twitter Creative Director Biz Stone • On the actual reason Twitter removed that @replies feature the other day – functionality was only part of the reason. The real reason is that there was some technical stuff that was slowing down the site. (And as users of the site’s search function, we’ve noticed. Sigh.) Now, everyone’s just a little ticked off and Twitter forgot the lesson that they should know better than anyone else – people complain on Twitter a lot, and honesty is the best policy. • source