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01 Mar 2010 11:19


Biz, Tech: Conde Nast trying this iPad publishing thing, with a big caveat

  • They won’t do titles other than their most popular unless Adobe and Apple get along. Later this year, you can expect issues of Wired, GQ, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Glamour to hit the iPad in an “experimental” format. But it won’t go beyond that unless Apple can reach an accord with Adobe, because two development tracks is kind of a pain. They do have some encouraging numbers working in their favor. 22,000 people paid $2.99 for an iPhone-formatted version of GQ. source

13 Jun 2009 14:39


Tech, U.S.: The rock-dwellers finally got a hold of the digital TV hotline

  • 700,000 called this freaking week alone source

06 Jun 2009 10:05


Tech, U.S.: Lots of people STILL aren’t ready for the digital TV switch

  • this Friday Or June 12, the day that the final stages of the digital TV conversion will take place
  • three million People still aren’t ready, including immigrants, the elderly and under-rock dwellers source

02 Jun 2009 22:04


Tech, U.S.: Someone’s making out like a bandit on the Digital TV transition

  • $40 amount in royalties you could pay for your big-screen TV source

19 May 2009 10:27


Biz, U.S.: Getting a copyright is even more tedious than usual nowadays

  • six months amount of time it took to get a copyright before they switched to electronic submissions
  • 18 months amount of time it takes now; no word on whether this is any faster than the App Store source

20 Mar 2009 13:02


Biz, Music: The music industry sees a customer gap unfolding

  • -17 million fewer customers bought CDs in 2008. That’s pretty bad for the music industry, friends.
  • +8 million more customers bought downloads in 2008. What happened to the other nine million? source

05 Mar 2009 09:57


Culture, Music: Robotic redux: Daft Punk to score “Tron 2.0”?

  • Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Back in 1982, there was this Disney movie called “Tron,” a cult film unlike most of the stuff Disney releases, featuring high-tech (for the time) animation and visual style. It had a soundtrack by early electronic composer Wendy Carlos – a Moog master that was perfect for the job. For “Tron 2.0,” out in 2011, it appears that Disney is going that route again, giving French electro innovators Daft Punk the chance to make a complete score. We can’t wait. source

17 Feb 2009 01:47


Tech, U.S.: You were warned, TV owners …

If you didn’t get an analog TV converter, many channels look like this today. Here’s a list. source

05 Feb 2009 07:53


U.S.: Got analog TV still? You have more time to convert.

  • Congress increased the time until June 12. That move, which President Obama supported, will give four extra months to the 6.5 million people who have yet to convert their analog TVs to digital. (The original date was Feb. 17, a.k.a. a week from Tuesday.) Many House Republicans did not support the passage of the bill, but it got enough votes for a two-thirds majority. source