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08 Oct 2010 22:26


Biz: To our friends in marketing and rebranding: Great work this week

  • Earlier this week: Gap The Gap, an ultra-iconic, ultra-basic brand of basic clothing, decided to redo its logo to look like every other logo on the Internet. People hate it. The company tries to crowdsource a new logo. People complain about that too.
  • Today: MySpace Apparently looking to up the ante, MySpace takes a cue from AOL and redesigns their logo in such a way that it can use secondary art. Too bad they took out the word “space” and replaced it with a madlib. source

09 Jun 2010 10:43


U.S.: Rich bastards who die this year won’t have to pay the estate tax

See this dude? He died recently. And as a result of an accounting quirk by the government, his family won’t have to pay huge taxes on his $9 billion estate. source

14 May 2010 12:07


Biz: Seattle’s Best pre-fabs its way into being “the coffee of the poeple”

  • Starbucks owns this brand. That’s all you need to know. The company has owned this coffee offshoot for about seven years, and now plans to market it as if it’s the Old Navy to their Gap. To that, we say, “Caribou Coffee.” source

12 May 2010 09:47


Biz: The U.S. trade deficit widens in March. What does that mean?

  • $188B the value of goods the U.S. imported from other countries in March
  • $147B the value of goods the U.S. exported to other countries in March
  • $40.4B the gap between
    the two
    – a.k.a. our trade deficit source

20 Mar 2009 13:02


Biz, Music: The music industry sees a customer gap unfolding

  • -17 million fewer customers bought CDs in 2008. That’s pretty bad for the music industry, friends. source