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07 Jun 2011 14:01


U.S.: Women’s rights debate moves to a billboard controversy

  • This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!
  • A billboard purchased by Greg Fultz • Expressing his frustration with what he says was his ex-girlfriend’s choice to abort her pregnancy, denying him a chance to become a father. What’s problematic is that the woman’s friends say it wasn’t an abortion at all, but a miscarriage. A court has recommended these billboards be taken down, but Fultz’s lawyer says that violates his client’s free speech rights, citing the Supreme Court case dealing with Westboro Baptist Church earlier this year. Seems like one big mess to us. source

03 Nov 2010 10:52


Music: Taylor Swift: A million-seller in her first week. And so sweet, too!

  • 1,047,000 in sales for Swift
  • 1,006,000 the number of copies Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” sold way back in 2008 – the last time any artist had a million-plus week
  • 1,141,000 the number of copies 50 Cent sold of “The Massacre” back in 2005 – the last time anyone sold as many copies as Taylor Swift source

20 Aug 2010 02:21


Culture: Antoine Dodson’s rant good enough for a Billboard Hot 100 bow

  • 89 its position on this week’s chart; tell your kids, tell your wife source

19 May 2010 20:40


Music: The National looking hot, but can’t get out of Justin Bieber’s shadow

  • good The National, everyone’s favorite indie band, got up to No. 3 on the Billboard charts with “High Violet.”
  • bad It was one of the lowest-selling weeks for the Billboard, ever, and Justin Bieber still beat them. source

25 Feb 2010 10:50


Culture: PETA already regrets posting about this Tiger Woods billboard

  • PETA posted about this billboard and then, just a few hours later, took the post down. Wonder why. Doesn’t seem controversial on its face, does it? source

24 Jan 2010 11:18


Offbeat: Breakups with rich software execs more expensive, more public

  • mistress For eight and a half years, Oracle co-president Charles E. Phillips was cheating on his wife with YaVaughnie Wilkins. He almost got divorced, but never did.
  • breakup After Phillips broke up with Wilkins, Wilkins bought a bunch of billboards about their now-public relationship, complete with a Web site full of love letters. Ouch. source

23 Jul 2009 10:03


Biz, Music: Billboard gets a brain, finally starts handling their charts right

  • The dark ages Back in the day, Billboard kept its chart data close to its chest, preferring to share it just with music industry folks. It was really A&R folks only: If you wanted to know what was happening on the lower reaches of the chart, it would cost ya an arm and a leg.
  • Seeing the light Billboard, apparently realizing what the rest of the music industry already has, has opened up its entire chart history to the public for free. Realizing it’s a huge draw for music sales if used right, they’ve also partnered up with Lala to sell the tunes, too.
  • Brilliant move?It’s entirely possible Billboard could still screw this up, in our humble opinion. They’ve made some big mistakes in the past regarding when and where to charge for their content, and if they make these same mistakes again, music fans won’t be happy. source

01 Jul 2009 11:09


Music: In death, Michael Jackson took over the Billboard charts again

  • 9 of his albums were in Billboard’s Pop Catalog charts’ top ten source

12 Mar 2009 10:27


Politics: Get ready to hear “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure” a lot