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23 Jul 2009 10:03


Biz, Music: Billboard gets a brain, finally starts handling their charts right

  • The dark ages Back in the day, Billboard kept its chart data close to its chest, preferring to share it just with music industry folks. It was really A&R folks only: If you wanted to know what was happening on the lower reaches of the chart, it would cost ya an arm and a leg.
  • Seeing the light Billboard, apparently realizing what the rest of the music industry already has, has opened up its entire chart history to the public for free. Realizing it’s a huge draw for music sales if used right, they’ve also partnered up with Lala to sell the tunes, too.
  • Brilliant move?It’s entirely possible Billboard could still screw this up, in our humble opinion. They’ve made some big mistakes in the past regarding when and where to charge for their content, and if they make these same mistakes again, music fans won’t be happy. source

28 Jan 2009 20:28


Music: Indie rock invades the Billboard 200 charts in a big way

  • Forget that Taylor Swift’s at No. 1 again. The real story is Andrew Bird (with Noble Beast) at No. 12. And Animal Collective (with Merriweather Post Pavilion) at No. 13. And Bon Iver (with the Blood Bank EP) at No. 16. All three are career bests. And all three albums are pretty well-reviewed, too. Some music blog jerk somewhere is thinking that this is a sign of the commercialization of indie. We want to tell that guy to shut up and just enjoy the moment for what it is, OK? source