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02 Aug 2011 20:47


About: New staff writer said hello, then waved

  • I promise to keep this short. It’s tradition to do so around here, since it’s our name. I’m Sami Main, a spunky writer that is way too excited to be joining the SFB team. I’m a journalism junior at the University of Florida; when I’m not having an opinion about the Oxford comma, I can be found on Tumblr and Twitter. I’d rather be raising the roof than the debt ceiling.

30 Aug 2010 20:38


About: New writer at ShortFormBlog: Everybody welcome Seth Millstein

  • Hello, readers! My name is Seth, and I’m very excited to announce that I’ve joined the writing team here at ShortFormBlog. So … there it is! I’ve announced it! In keeping with the site’s theme, I’ll keep my introduction short. My previous writings can be found at The Daily Californian and my own blog, Shermanesque. I enjoy politics, cities, workplace shenanigans and 1940’s film-noir aesthetic. I hope you enjoy my presence here, and I’ll now return you to your regularly-scheduled program.

03 Nov 2009 10:40


About: It’s official. We have a redesign. It’s up. Check it out, kids.

So here it is. Our redesign. We've spent months working on this bad boy. We've been talking about this in bits and pieces over the last few months, but now here it is. And we hope you guys like it. Because you're awesome and make us look good when you like stuff we do.

  • What hasn’t changed The commitment to providing people with short, info-packed bites that provide quick insight into the day’s news. Most of the post styles are still exactly the same as they were on day one of the site. Oh, and Julius is still the mascot. (And one of the trademarks, referring to the site in the “editorial we,” continues unabated.)
  • What has changed Over the last ten months, it’s become clear what’s worked and what hasn’t, and what was needed to take that basic idea and turn it into something more useful for readers. So with that, we’re adding focus on navigation, improving our content focus and pushing a design that encourages exploration. Read more above. source

06 Mar 2009 13:18


About, Politics: Why we’re adding a “Chatter” category

  • Ultimately, we need a spot for opinion. We’ve been wavering back and forth on this for a while, and while we do a pretty good job covering the news, there are some pretty smart things being said by columnists and bloggers worldwide that should get their due, too. And when we have an opinion – left or right – we should have a spot for it, too. Someone actually asked about this a couple weeks ago, and we didn’t have a good reason why we didn’t. Seems necessary in this day and age. Like it? Dislike it? Post your opinion here.

01 Mar 2009 01:27


About: Happy March! Time for a “how the sausage is made” moment

  • 798 posts on the site since it launched January 1, just two months ago. Yeah, we’re surprised, too.
  • two of our visitors last month visited our site using Amiga computers. Yeah, we’re surprised, too.

01 Jan 2009 12:06


About: Let me explain what I’m doing

  • Hi, I’m Ernie Smith. I’m a 27-year-old journalist. I was recently laid off. So were a lot of my friends. It’s because the news industry is in decline. But news isn’t. So, maybe it’s time to figure out another road. Here’s one path.

01 Jan 2009 12:05


About: what is this crazy thing?

  • Too much information In this age of RSS feeds, to-the-millisecond news and information overload, it’s hard to make sense of what’s really important in the world.
  • That’s where we come inShortFormBlog, created as an evolution of newspaper design concepts, is an attempt to clear the clutter of information. We simplify and emphasize, to help you make sense of it.
  • Size mattersIt’s about scale. It’s about emphasis. It’s about getting to the heart of the idea. We feel we can say more with a few short words than a bunch of long ones.