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16 Jun 2010 20:53


Culture: Yo, Harrison Ford, good thing you married Calista Flockhart first

  • See, Julius kind of has a thing for Ally McBeal. And Harrison Ford, erstwhile action star du jour, had been dating her for SEVEN FREAKING YEARS, and had yet to make it official. Julius was all ready to jump in on that action if he didn’t get a ring on her finger. He’s been reading Neil Strauss. He knows all the good pickup lines (but mostly uses the bad ones). Glad Harrison acted – he knows all of Calista’s lines from “Brothers and Sisters.” ALL OF THEM. It’s actually kinda creepy. source

01 Mar 2009 01:27


About: Happy March! Time for a “how the sausage is made” moment

  • 798 posts on the site since it launched January 1, just two months ago. Yeah, we’re surprised, too.
  • two of our visitors last month visited our site using Amiga computers. Yeah, we’re surprised, too.