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09 Mar 2009 02:59


Culture: Not as many watched Watchmen as expected

  • $55.7 million the estimated tally the superhero movie took in this weekend
  • $60+ million the amount analysts expected the movie to take in this weekend source

01 Mar 2009 22:50


Culture, World: Iran: Mickey Rourke offends us. Apologize. Now.

  • The country wants an apology from Hollywood. The movies “300” and “The Wrestler,” specifically, greatly ticked off the country – “300” for its depiction of Persians and “The Wrestler” for a scene where Rourke rips up an Iranian flag while fighting a Arab stereotype. Personally, we want an apology from the makers of “300” for inflicting the “We Are Sparta” internet meme onto the world. It’s annoying. Apologize. Now. source