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17 Oct 2011 23:06


Culture: Casual Monday: ABC anchor comes out on-air like it’s no big deal

  • Big kudos to ABC World News Now host Dan Kloeffler.  Not only did he come out while broadcasting on-air — itself an incredibly courageous thing to do — but he did it in a casual, nonchalant way. No big, dramatic announcement; Kloeffer just off-handedly dropped it during a story about actor Zachary Quinto. “He’s thirty-four, I’m thirty-five,” Kloeffler said about Quinto, who also just came out. “I’m thinking, I can lose my distraction about dating actors for that one.” Kloeffler didn’t present it as a game-changing fact of outsized importance, but just a part of who he is. This is the kind of thing that helps encourage — however slightly — mainstream acceptance of different sexualities, even. source

01 Oct 2010 21:36


Culture: Posted without comment: Zachary Quinto starts beef with 50 Cent

@50cent you know what would truly make the world a better place? if people with as much influence and privilege as you spread hope not hate.Fri Oct 01 20:43:04 via Twitter for iPhone

17 May 2009 13:24


Culture: “Angels & Demons” a big hit, but it’s no “Star Trek”

  • $48 million the weekend take of the latest Tom Hanks controversial religious-thriller flick
  • $147 million the 10-day take of Star Trek, including $43 million this weekend. Nerd power! source

10 May 2009 12:49


Culture: “Star Trek” killed at the box office in a big, mainstream way

  • $76.5 million the estimated weekend box office of the new Trek movie
  • $8.2 million the amount it made in IMAX showings – that’s a record source

08 May 2009 16:20


Culture, Politics: Our quick two-second review of the new “Star Trek”

  • good The action was clearly well-paced. Abrams did a good job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. It was easy for non-fans to get into, while having winking cues for die-hards.
  • great Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, in particular, did justice to the original parts. Even Simon Pegg, who doesn’t physically resemble James Doohan, was well-cast as Scotty.
  • overall We expect “Star Trek” to be just as revered as “Iron Man” was last summer. It’s a fun movie that goes broad without losing its street cred. Good show, J.J. Abrams! source

08 May 2009 16:06


Culture: Trekkies push “Star Trek” to huge midnight showings

  • $7 million from a bunch of smelly, fat die-hard nerds source

06 May 2009 21:40


Culture: Why you should be excited about the new “Star Trek” movie