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17 May 2009 13:24


Culture: “Angels & Demons” a big hit, but it’s no “Star Trek”

  • $48 million the weekend take of the latest Tom Hanks controversial religious-thriller flick
  • $147 million the 10-day take of Star Trek, including $43 million this weekend. Nerd power! source

07 May 2009 20:40


Tech, U.S.: We ended the cold war, hoo-ray! Wait, where’s our space fuel?

  • one Because of the Cold War, the U.S. had a massive nuclear weapon supply, and as a result a huge supply of Plutonium. Oh, and a crazy space race.
  • two Now, thanks to the Cold War ending a while ago, we stopped saving plutonium and now we don’t have enough fuel for deep space exploration. Crap.
  • three To make up for the demand, needed for trips past Jupiter, the Department of Energy said that they would start making Plutonium 438 again. Woot. source

29 Jan 2009 21:24


Offbeat, World: A giant sculpure for a shoe-throwing act of bravery

Even if the guy didn’t throw the shoe at ex-prez Bush, this sculpture would still rule. source