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24 Aug 2011 13:05


Culture: Pat Summitt on early-onset dementia: “Sometimes I draw blanks”

  • I just felt something was different. And at the time I didn’t know what I was dealing with. Until I went to Mayo, I couldn’t know for sure. But I can remember trying to coach and trying to figure out schemes and whatever and it just wasn’t coming to me, like, I would typically say, ‘We’re gonna do this, and run that.’ And it probably caused me to second-guess.
  • Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt • Describing the process that led to her diagnosis for early-onset dementia. Summitt, a 59-year-old legend who’s the winningest coach in college basketball history (men or women) doesn’t plan to hang it up despite the setback, however — she led her team to a solid 34-3 record last season, even as she was dealing with memory problems. She’s willing to change up her duties some to accommodate for the issues, but she’ll stay on the sidelines going forward. Good for her — and good luck as she keeps up the good fight. source

01 Aug 2010 21:13


Culture: Bad day: Barack Obama hopelessly finds himself at WNBA game

“I’m doing this for Sasha. I’m doing this for Sasha. I’m doing this for Sasha. Keep reminding yourself, Barry. I’m doing this for Sasha. I’m doing this for Sasha.” source

16 Mar 2009 09:54


Culture: Radio host Don Imus: He’s got prostate cancer

  • The diagnosis The colorful, opinionated radio host admitted on his show Monday his diagnosis. While not offering specific details on his current state, he said he was confident “his doctors will beat it.”
  • A controversial recent history Imus made waves back in 2007 when he referred to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” He lost one radio job as a result, only to be hired elsewhere later in the year. source

25 Jan 2009 11:02


Sports: Kay Yow, N.C. State women’s hoops coach, leaves a strong legacy

  • 34 number of seasons Yow, who long suffered from breast cancer, coached the Wolfpack
  • 737 number of games she won throughout her career; Yow died yesterday at the age of 66 source