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26 Jun 2011 20:16


Politics: Michele Bachmann on hot seat trying to explain off subsidies

  • $30,000 the amount the counseling clinic Bachmann’s husband reportedly received in subsidies (some of them federal) over the past five years
  • $260,000 the amount a Wisconsin family farm, reportedly part-owned by Bachmann, reportedly received in federal subsidies source
  • » Oh no! That means … Bachmann, who’s suddenly become a GOP frontrunner, found herself on the defending end of tough questioning from Chris Wallace this morning over the allegations, uncovered by the Los Angeles Times. Bachmann’s stance: The money for the clinic went for employee training and never actually went to the clinic itself. And Bachmann and her husband don’t have a financial hand in her father-in-law’s farm — which the Times says is inaccurate, according to financial records. Even if that’s not the case, let’s twist that last one for kicks: But that means a family member of hers takes government subsidies! Political liability!

05 Jul 2010 10:19


World: India basically shut down in fuel price protests

These unlucky people had to wait for a train the middle of this mess, which led to thousands of arrests over a fuel price increase caused by a subsidy cut. source

28 Mar 2009 18:28


Tech: Don’t let the price fool you. The Tesla electric car isn’t that costly.

  • $7,500 amount in federal subsidies the $56,400 Tesla Motors Model S electric car is eligible for
  • $5 cost of driving a Model S for 300 miles – you could only dream of that with a gas-guzzler source