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22 Dec 2011 01:03


U.S.: Countrywide will pay massive settlement over subprime crisis

  • $335 million settlement over discrimination charges source
  • » They allegedly steered minorities towards bad mortgages. The company, something of the focal point of the subprime housing scandal, now has to face the music. Bank of America, the parent of Countrywide Financial, had to settle claims from before it purchased the company, a four-year period during the housing boom when loans were handed out very easily. In the case of Countrywide, however, there is evidence that while white homeowners got offered normal mortgage, black or Latino homeowners of similar stature received a subprime mortgage instead, meaning that they were given higher interest rates and unfavorable terms for loans, making it easier to default. As part of the settlement with the Justice Department, the company denied the charges, while Bank of America distanced itself from the housing-boom-era actions

16 Apr 2010 11:18


Biz: Goldman Sachs’ stocks look like a waterfall this morning

16 Apr 2010 11:09


Biz: Why Goldman Sachs is feeling the SEC’s wrath this morning

  • one Goldman Sachs
    reportedly offered a
    mortgage to its
    customers, then bet
    against it on Wall Street.
  • two It managed to
    profit handily, staying relatively unscathed during the worst of the financial crisis.
  • three The SEC sued them
    this morning, making
    some fairly damning
    claims after noticing
    funny stuff. source