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30 Aug 2009 22:50


Politics: Max Headroom has an oligarhy on hilarious Glenn Beck clips

  • Glenn hates “oligarhy” The best part of this video is the fact that he totally gave himself an out for misspelling the word, but only ended up misspelling it worse. He has big ratings, but someone give this man a dictionary.

  • Glenn feels bulliedBeck seems like he’s on the edge in this video, reading a list about the names he’s been called. Even better, his shrink compares his critics to coke users. It’s like he’s going crazy live on air.

  • Glenn’s pickup lineAn oldie but a goodie. Back during his Headline News days, he chatted with correspondent Dina Sansing about an “American Idol” naked picture scandal, and asked to take naked photos of her. Classy.

03 Aug 2009 11:20


World: Even if appetite sizes don’t shrink, candy bars in the U.K. might

As one way to target the obesity crisis, candy bars and soda cans may come in smaller sizes in the U.K., in hopes that smaller sizes become standard. source

05 Mar 2009 10:36


Biz: General Motors sounds like they’re on their last legs

  • The failure to obtain sufficient funding from the U.S. government or governments outside the United States may require us to shrink or terminate operations or seek reorganization for certain subsidiaries outside the United States.
  • General Motors • In a filing to the federal government regarding the health of their company. The company says it may have to go into bankruptcy to stay afloat, which, considering their size, would probably not be healthy for the economy at all. Michigan is screwed. • source