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14 Jul 2011 14:42


World: Rupert Murdoch, son will get cozy in Parliamentary hot seat

  • Their appearances required a little bit of arm-twisting. Rebekah Brooks, the editor of News of the World during the phone hacking scandal will be with them, too. They’ll be questioned on the situation and will have to offer up evidence. Originally Murdoch and his son weren’t going to attend, but only decided to after facing enormous pressure from government officials. The hearing is set for next Tuesday, and it really doesn’t seem like any of this will turn out well for News Corp. In other news — the FBI will investigate News Corp. to see whether the phones of 9/11 victims were possibly hacked by British tabloids. Which would bring this to a whole new level of messed-up. source

15 Feb 2011 13:33


U.S.: If you build it, a carefully managed number of people will come

  • coming soon The World Trade Center memorial is on pace to be opened for public attendance by the ten-year anniversary of the attacks (which, as it always bears mentioning, betrays a shamefully slow process).
  • not so fast Due to the expected volume of visitors, size of the memorial, and transit/security concerns, it’s anticipated that visiting the memorial will be crowd-restricted at about 1,500 people. source

12 Sep 2010 00:51


Politics: Classless: Neil Cavuto cuts in on Michelle Obama to trash Barack

  • What the hell, dude? Considering all the classiness currently going around on all sides of the media, it’s taking a lot to draw our collective attentions, but Neil Cavuto did it here, pointing out – while Michelle Obama was making a speech honoring of the victims of United Flight 93 (!) – that Obama was not famous when the attack took place. Who cares? Just shut up and wait to make your petty, meaningless political point on another day. Note how Michelle was actually saying something relatively heartfelt and meaningful. You couldn’t have that, could you? source

04 Dec 2009 20:20


Music: Public Enemy vindicated in a Washington Post correction

  • A Nov. 26 article in the District edition of Local Living incorrectly said a Public Enemy song declared 9/11 a joke. The song refers to 911, the emergency phone number.
  • A Washington Post correction that ran yesterday. The correction, currently the No. 5 article on, is hilarious because it mistook Public Enemy’s “911 Is a Joke,” which predated 9/11 by over a decade, as a 9/11 truther anthem. *forehead slap* (hat tip @ohmgee) source

25 Nov 2009 10:07


U.S.: Wikileaks intercepts a bunch of pager messages from 9/11, posts them

  • 500,000 pager messages are being posted by information transparency site Wikileaks
  • real-time the speed at which the messages are displaying; it’s happening now if you want to check it out source