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06 May 2010 20:42


Biz: The biggest losers on Wall Street today emphasize the weirdness

  • 37% Procter and Gamble’s much followed free-fall during the momentary crisis; it quickly bounced back
  • 1ยข the value of Accenture’s stock at
    2:48 p.m. EST, down from $40; it, too, quickly bounced back source

29 Dec 2009 20:22


U.S.: Quick question: Did the U.S. blow the underwear bomber case?

  • YES that’s what Obama is saying, not us source

20 Jan 2009 15:04


U.S.: Who screwed up the oath, Obama or Roberts?

  • It was the Chief Justice. John Roberts, when saying the oath to Obama, reworded part of it on the fly, putting “faithfully” at the end of the clause rather than its traditional place in the middle. As a result, the oath will probably be remembered by millions as the time Barack Obama briefly stammered and asked for a re-do. (And what a way to remember it!) source