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03 Jun 2009 23:08


U.S.: Forget pirates vs. ninjas. Try police vs. ambulances.

  • Oklahoma state troopers pulled over an ambulance transporting a patient over a massive dramabomb of misunderstanding. The troopers attempted to arrest the EMT for obstructing an officer. A scuffle ensued. The EMT, who hasn’t been charged (yet), says it’s a big misunderstanding and he didn’t do anything wrong. source

01 Feb 2009 17:21


Culture: Tommy Lee’s helicopter pulled over, a.k.a. the best story ever

  • What happened? Lee, a rock star you may have heard of from a few videos, was riding shotgun in a helicopter that was flying too close to a LAPD copter in Glendale, Calif. Their helicopter was pulled over. We wish our life was this interesting.
  • Drinking afterwards?, which broke the story (because they’re that awesome) claims that Lee was drinking immediately after landing, and was given a blood-alcohol test by the cops. The FAA is still investigating the incident, and the pilot might face charges. source