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10 Dec 2010 11:32


World: Prince Charles should’ve rode in the Bentley, not the Rolls Royce

  • It was the sheer conspicuousness of this vehicle in a busy street in the wake of this demonstration that caused the problem.
  • Former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe • Suggesting that the reason that the Royals (Prince Charles and Camilla) were caught up in yesterday’s tuition protests was because they were riding around a very public area in a shiny Rolls Royce limousine, when they should’ve gone with something more modest. “From my own experience, it is a vehicle that is very difficult to manoeuvre in any area, let alone a congested street at Christmas time,” he said. “I do think this was the classic example where the Prince of Wales should have been using his armoured Bentley – it’s far less conspicuous.” Because we all know how much poor people hate rich people who flaunt their overwhelming wealth right in front of them. source

09 Dec 2010 21:23


World: Rich people caught among commoners don’t know what hit them

“These college kids ruined our nice day, Charles!” “I know, dear … driver, do we have one of those Popemobiles in our fleet? If so, we need one!” source

16 Nov 2010 10:38


World: Save the date: Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton

If we could offer any advice, happy couple on commemorative plate, it’s this: Don’t be like Charles and Diana. That didn’t end well for anyone. source

07 Mar 2009 11:06


World: Prince Charles: Condolences for an assisted suicide

  • The elderly couple had to go abroad to die. Peter and Penelope Duff of Bath, England, chose to go to a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland. Both had cancer and both over 80. They couldn’t do it in the U.K. because it’s not legal. The Prince of Wales (who’s kind of old for a mere prince, by the way) sent a letter of condolences to the wealthy couple’s family, whose death is becoming a talking point in the right-to-die debate in the U.K. Can we just blame cancer instead of euthanasia? Seems easier to agree on. source