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26 Sep 2011 11:10


Culture: More pet owners choosing to euthanize suffering pets at home

  • traditional Losing a pet and having to pay someone to put them out of their misery; it’s something that many people pay vets to do from the cold comfort of a vet’s office.
  • trending Paying someone to make a house call. It’s becoming increasingly common to pay someone money to put a pet down from the warm comfort of home. source
  • » A tough decision for pet owners: Some pet owners see going to the vet’s office as a bit too difficult to handle. “It really made a terrible situation much better,” noted Wendy Bowlds of Gainesville, Va. “There’s nothing so awful as leaving the vet’s office with nothing but the empty leash.” Bowlds had her own dog put down in her kitchen. So, what do you guys think? Personally, we could never do a house call. Too disturbing. Could you?

07 Mar 2009 11:06


World: Prince Charles: Condolences for an assisted suicide

  • The elderly couple had to go abroad to die. Peter and Penelope Duff of Bath, England, chose to go to a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland. Both had cancer and both over 80. They couldn’t do it in the U.K. because it’s not legal. The Prince of Wales (who’s kind of old for a mere prince, by the way) sent a letter of condolences to the wealthy couple’s family, whose death is becoming a talking point in the right-to-die debate in the U.K. Can we just blame cancer instead of euthanasia? Seems easier to agree on. source