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22 Feb 2012 15:48


Politics: Meet the billionaires funding the 2012 Republican primary season

  • five donors find themselves in the spotlight: Texas billionaire Harold Simmons, casino moguls Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Paypal co-founder (and Facebook investor) Peter Thiel, and Houston home-builder Bob Perry
  • $30.4 million donated by the five people, the largest donations going to the Super PACs Winning Our Future and Endorse Liberty; however, American Crossroads leads the pack with $15 million collected source
  • » A massive financial mind share: That’s almost $1 out of every $4 collected by all super PACs this election cycle, and certainly seems to explain exactly how we ended up with the remaining crop of Republican candidates that we have. Bob Perry is a former Tim Pawlenty supporter who switched to Team Romney with a $1 million dollar donation, while the Adelsons — who are ready to boost their support for Winning The Future from $10 million to $20 million — have provided the lifeblood of the Gingrich campaign. Of the remaining four candidates, only Rick Santorum finds himself without support, via Super PAC donations, from one of these five wealthy conservatives.

19 Nov 2010 22:14


Politics: Joe Scarborough gets Olbermann treatment; world yawns

  • three number of candidates Keith Olbermann donated to, which led to his recent two-day suspension
  • eight number of candidates Joe Scarborough donated to; he’ll also get suspended for two days source
  • » Standards and stuff: It’s probably good to note that this double-standard between MSNBC and Fox remains bizarre. Fox News hosts (most notably Sarah Palin, who regularly endorses candidates and runs her own political action committee) don’t get treated this way. Honestly, we think that MSNBC has to loosen their standards for their political commentators. This is going to eventually come to a head in a more public way than either of these incidents. Know why we know this? Because Joe Scarborough is considering running on a presidential ticket with Michael Bloomberg in 2012. You think this crosses a line? What if that happens, guys?

09 Nov 2010 21:51


Politics: Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” return, complete with funny open

  • The audible buzzing at the beginning of this clip we imagine was a side effect of the guy taping the video, but it makes the effect of Keith coming back even funnier. It wasn’t a PR stunt, kids, but it sure worked like one, didn’t it? source

08 Nov 2010 21:07