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01 Nov 2011 22:34


Politics: Democrats seek to overturn Citizens United via constitutional amendment

  • Fighting back against “Citizens United:” Senate Democrats, led by Tom Udall, have introduced a constitutional amendment meant to blunt the effects of Citizen’s United, the Supreme Court decision that paved the way for unlimited, undisclosed campaign contributions by corporations. The amendment wouldn’t directly overturn CU, but rather give congresses–both federal and state–the authority to regulate campaign contributions and expenditures. Like most proposed constitutional amendments, it probably won’t get anywhere close to ratification, but hey, it rallies the base, right? source

21 Jul 2011 14:14


Politics: John Edwards owes federal government lots of ca$h or something

  • $2.3million owed back to the Feds for his election fail source
  • » Yeah, you weren’t entitled to those matching funds: The main issue that Edwards faces is that he received federal matching funds up the wazoo — funds which he didn’t end up using and now has to pay back. But that said, it’s not even the worst issue our boy is facing — see, he recently got indicted on felony charges involving his reported usage of $900,000 to hide his pregnant mistress, Rielle Hunter, from sight.

19 Nov 2010 22:14


Politics: Joe Scarborough gets Olbermann treatment; world yawns

  • three number of candidates Keith Olbermann donated to, which led to his recent two-day suspension
  • eight number of candidates Joe Scarborough donated to; he’ll also get suspended for two days source
  • » Standards and stuff: It’s probably good to note that this double-standard between MSNBC and Fox remains bizarre. Fox News hosts (most notably Sarah Palin, who regularly endorses candidates and runs her own political action committee) don’t get treated this way. Honestly, we think that MSNBC has to loosen their standards for their political commentators. This is going to eventually come to a head in a more public way than either of these incidents. Know why we know this? Because Joe Scarborough is considering running on a presidential ticket with Michael Bloomberg in 2012. You think this crosses a line? What if that happens, guys?

24 Dec 2009 09:50


U.S.: Campaign contributions didn’t affect the vote that much, it seems

  • $9.27 million the amount Republican John McCain has gotten from the health care industry; Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell were also well-compensated
  • $8.34 million the amount Democrat John Kerry got; Max Baucus (the bill’s biggest influencer) and Arlen Specter also got slightly bigger paydays than Hatch & McConnell source