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06 Aug 2010 12:47


U.S.: Obama’s top economic-advisin’ lady dropping out of the job

Is it a sign about Obama’s economic policy? Christina Romer is Obama’s second main economic type to leave, after the much hotter Peter Orszag. source

22 Jun 2010 11:09


U.S.: Bad news, guys: Peter Orszag is steppin’ down from the White House

Why we love ol’ Petey: He’s the first White House budget chief whose love life overshadowed his job. How did THAT happen? source

19 Jul 2009 17:45


Politics: Max Headroom: Trashing on Canada, remembering Cronkite

  • A friend in Canada … On “Meet the Press,” top-ranking Sen. Mitch McConnell discounts the idea of health care for all Americans using an argument involving both Ford Motor Co. and a friend of a friend who died because Canada wouldn’t allow him to get a medical procedure. Hm.

  • “It was about news”CBS’ Bob Schieffer, who’s had a full weekend of comments about Walter Cronkite to make, makes yet another one on CNN about what made Cronkite stand out – he cared about the news above all else. “He loved no scoop better than HIS scoop,” Schieffer said.

  • From bad to worseFox News had a friendly chat this morning with Obama budget wizard Peter Orszag, who says that the economy is worse than anyone thought – backed by unemployment figures. “You can’t go from job losses of 700,000 a month … to job growth like that,” he said.

08 Mar 2009 20:41


U.S.: Obama’s budget dude: We’re avoiding the pork in the future

  • This is like your relief pitcher coming into the ninth inning and wanting to redo the whole game. Next year we’re going to be the starting pitcher, and the game’s going to be completely different.
  • Peter Orszag • Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, on the $410 billion omnibus spending bill that was laden with pork-barrel spending. Orszag says that the bill was well on its way when Obama went into office and the administration had no choice but to support it so the government could remain functioning. • source