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20 Jan 2011 10:27


U.S.: FBI arrests mob members en masse, herds them like sheep

  • 100+ people were arrested by the FBI in New York and New Jersey this morning for mob ties
  • 24+ of those were members of the NYC area’s five crime families; the rest were associates source
  • » Among the charges face: Murder (some dating back to the ’80s and ’90s), extortion, loan-sharking, gambling and labor-racketeering in some of the mob’s continued strongholds – the construction industry and the waterfront. Not the waterfront!

11 Aug 2009 21:18


U.S.: Arlen Specter nearly maimed by an old man with sharp teeth

  • “ONE DAY GOD’S GONNA STAND BEFORE YOU AND JUDGE YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR CRONIES UP ON THE HILL.” We think Arlen Specter should keep his seat in the next election simply because he managed to stand up to that guy. source

01 Apr 2009 22:33


Biz, World: The key chant by G20 protesters as they trashed RBS

  • These streets, our streets! These banks, our banks!
  • Mob of protesters • As they were ganking a Royal Bank of Scotland location in London during the G20 summit and drawing attention from media sources all over the world. That’s one way to make yourself heard, guys. Wait a second? Isn’t Barack Obama in town? Holy crap! • source

21 Jan 2009 10:28


Offbeat: Facebook, married to the Mafia?

  • Italian authorities say maybe. Authorities in the boot-shaped country are taking special interest in pages and groups set up to honor jailed Mafiosi on Facebook. “These are people who are accused of serious crimes and are in prison,” noted Rita Borsellino, whose brother Paolo spent his life investigating the Cosa Nostra before getting killed in a hit. OK, OK, she’s right, it’s not fun like The Sopranos. But can we at least pretend? source