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19 May 2011 10:29


Biz: LinkedIn’s massive IPO: One of the largest tech IPOs since Google’s

  • $45 LinkedIn’s price per share when it launched its IPO this morning
  • $83 the company’s price per share now — that’s right, it nearly doubled in price
  • $352M the amount the company has earned from its IPO today source
  • » A really impressive start for social media: LinkedIn, the first social media company on the stock market, sets the stage for what could be an impressive transition from startup to stock for many social sites. Facebook’s far larger than LinkedIn, meaning that this may be the floor level for what the ubiquitous social site could expect when Mark Zuckerberg finally decides to go IPO.

09 May 2011 10:27


Biz, Tech: LinkedIn IPO could prove social media’s heft on the stock market

  • 7.84M number of shares of stock LinkedIn plans to sell during its IPO
  • $35 the high-end price the company’s shares could go for on the market
  • $3Bthe potential value of the company’s IPO — which is kind of a lot source
  • » Getting in early: LinkedIn is one of the first examples of a social media company taking its chances on the stock market, which suggests that Facebook — which is far more widely-used than LinkedIn is — could totally do well in the case of an IPO. The company, which announced its IPO intentions in January,  has filed to go on the New York Stock Exchange under “LKND.”

15 Dec 2010 11:09


Tech: Major sites force password changes after Gawker’s security lapse

  • action A bunch of hacker thugs who we’d turn in if we knew who they were leaked over a million Gawker usernames and passwords online. We hate those guys.
  • reaction Other sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo, have asked large swaths of users to change their passwords, which is pretty smart, guys. source

30 Oct 2009 09:27


Tech: CNN tries to pass off social networking defriending as news

  • She sent an e-mail saying, ‘I only connect with people I know, and hopefully our paths will cross one day,’ I read that, and I said, ‘Oh, my God, I’ve been rejected.’
  • LinkedIn user Elaine Fogel • Describing the emotional roller coaster she went through after a smart 40-something woman declined the chance to connect with THE STAR, THE LEGEND, ELAINE FOGEL!!!!!!!!! Fogel has 500 connections on LinkedIn, and to make up for that, we’re going to connect with her. It’s a bit of stunt-casting, we know, but we feel that we could easily be just as good of a business colleague to Ms. Fogel as that unnamed woman. And considering the emotional response defriending causes, it might make her feel better. I know it would make us feel better. • source

27 Sep 2009 12:04


Tech: Why everyone wants to share their articles online (including us!)

  • 18 Twitter users, on average, click a link posted to a site
  • eight LinkedIn users click a link when it’s posted to that site
  • five Digg users click a link every time a new one’s posted source