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16 Jan 2011 15:02


Politics: Despite large-scale attack, Gawker stays on the 4chan beat

  • Here’s what we like about Gawker: Despite getting their asses handed to them by a group that reportedly had indirect ties to 4chan (and made note in their attack of the site’s criticism of 4chan), they don’t back down. A feature headline on Gawker’s front page? “4chan Is Not Very Scary In Real Life.” Mend those fences, Gawker Media, mend those fences. source

15 Dec 2010 11:09


Tech: Major sites force password changes after Gawker’s security lapse

  • action A bunch of hacker thugs who we’d turn in if we knew who they were leaked over a million Gawker usernames and passwords online. We hate those guys.
  • reaction Other sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo, have asked large swaths of users to change their passwords, which is pretty smart, guys. source

14 Dec 2010 11:15


Tech: FBI investigating Gawker hack. We hope they catch the jerks.

  • The kind of attention we got – which spiked traffic – is the kind we can do without.
  • Gawker founder Nick Denton • Noting that there’s actually a kind of traffic Gawker doesn’t like. You know, the kind that comes after an embarrassing hack to one’s Gibson. By the way, the FBI is (thank God) actually investigating the hack, which is good, because even though Gawker screwed up big time here, the level of evil that Gnosis showed was beyond the pale. Look, you don’t like Gawker, so what. Don’t punish their users. We hope the jerks that did this go to jail for a really long time. source

13 Dec 2010 21:07


Tech: The WSJ did a breakdown of the most-used Gawker passwords

Dear morons: Don’t give your account the password of “123456,” “password,” “12345678,” or name it after the site you’re visiting. It’s just a bad idea. source