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20 Apr 2010 23:49


Culture: Quick advice to Kal Penn on braving the streets of D.C.

  • first Don’t walk around 15th & S NW by yourself at 1:30 a.m. on a weekday. During the day that area’s OK, but at night … it’s not super-safe.
  • second You should work this robbery at gunpoint subplot into the next Harold and Kumar movie. Just a thought from us at SFB. source

02 Apr 2010 15:38


Culture: Kal Penn: “Harold & Kumar 3” beats working for Obama

  • I’m hurt and offended that you didn’t ask whether the million dollar Hollywood contracts were calling for me. I have not accepted any such contract at this point.
  • White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee • Discussing (in hilariously deadpan terms) the fate of actor-turned-staffer Kal Penn, who is reportedly quitting his position as the White House’s associate director of public engagement to do a Christmas-themed “Harold and Kumar” movie (which may be in 3D). Which is seriously the best reason to quit any job, ever – actually, we take that back. The best reason to quit any job, ever, is to leave “House” to become the White House’s associate director of public engagement. Kal Penn seriously has the best resume ever. source

07 Apr 2009 21:40


Culture: Kal Penn left “House” in a really freaking intriguing way

  • David sort of had this ‘A-ha’ moment about how to both free Kal up to pursue other things and, most importantly, service where David wants to go at the end of the season with House’s story.
  • “House” executive producer Katie Jacobs • On the way that she and executive producer David Shore let Kal Penn leave the show. It involves a plot twist, and yes, the link spoils it. • source

07 Apr 2009 20:55


Culture: Obama is gonna let a stoner run the White House (yay Kal Penn!)

Kumar, a.k.a. the smarter-than-you’d-think Kal Penn, just took a job in the Obama administration. High times. source