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19 Apr 2011 21:25


U.S.: The only successful hand transplant video we’ll probably post today

  • Meet Emily Fennell. Five years ago, doctors amputated her hand after it was crushed in a very scary car accident that involved an open sunroof, a raised arm and a rolling vehicle. Six and a half weeks ago, a completely different set of doctors gave her a completely different hand. Here’s a clip of the 26-year-old getting used to her new hand as she goes through rehab. She’s very optimistic about her future with the new appendage. “That’s my goal — to just be able to function with it and not be able to think about it,” she said. source

05 Aug 2009 11:23


Offbeat, Tech: Robots beat humans at hand-eye coordination. We’re scared.

  • Sure, you think this is awesome now, but just wait until this robot’s cold, metallic hand is wrapped around your neck while the other is slapping you silly. We predict a violent robot uprising. (Julius, however, won’t be involved.) source

23 Jan 2009 11:31


World: A model loses her hands and feet in a bid to save her life

  • What happened? Mariana Bridi, a 20-year-old Brazilian model, was a rising star in the international modeling world, coming in fourth in a recent competition to be Brazil’s entrant in the Miss World pageant. But after going to the doctor in December suffering from what initially were thought to be kidney stones, she was eventually diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Unfortunately, the infection had infected the blood by then.
  • Trying to keep her alive Given just two weeks to live, Bridi had her hands and feet removed to help blood circulation through the rest of her body. In intensive care and on life support, she currently communicates with her family through blinking but thus far has held on. “They say her situation is very critical and that her chances are not really significant,” said Henrique Fontes, executive director of Miss World Brazil, “but she keeps on surprising everyone.” source