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15 Aug 2011 10:58


Politics: Paul Krugman. Fareed Zakaria. Space aliens. Bizarre arguments.

  • Dear Paul Krugman, your bizarre argument in favor of using a faked space alien invasion as a way to improve the economy does one thing: It gives kooks fodder for kookdom. *facepalm* This is not an argument befitting a Nobel Laureate. (h/t Jayel Aheram) source

26 Sep 2010 22:45


Politics: Max Headroom: Mark Zuckerberg softens up in the PR machine

  • So, what’s new?This morning, Republican Rep. Mike Pence found himself in the somewhat undesirable spot of explaining how the Republican’s “Pledge to America” was different from the plans they’ve sold in the past. Blame Jon Stewart.
  • Not-so-double-standard Our boy Fareed Zakaria had a pretty good point regarding some of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s criticism of the U.S., specifically with the death penalty – simply put, Iran is a really big pot calling a relatively small kettle black.
  • Not such a bad guy!As Oprah proved on her show, that Mark Zuckerberg guy isn’t such a jerk. See? He’s going to Japan with his beautiful girlfriend! He lets people skateboard on the job! How could this guy be the subject of an Aaron Sorkin hit piece?

12 Jun 2010 13:42


Politics: CNN spatwatch: James Carville basically calls Fareed Zakaria an idiot

  • “We want to eat our own shrimp! We don’t want to eat Indonesian shrimp!” Let’s admit that James Carville 1.) Is really entertaining when he’s talking about hitting someone with a “football bat” 2.) Has a really good point here which we actually touched upon in the last post and 3.) Is going to have to be careful not to run into Fareed when he’s walking around the office in the next few weeks. Wouldn’t you be emotional if you were from the Gulf, too?

28 Jun 2009 23:51


Politics: Max Headroom: Iran’s still the talk-show talking point of choice

  • David Axelrod stammers “Meet the Press” had Obama’s main strategist trying to explain why HuffPo’s Nico Pitney asked a planned question at a press conference. Watch him sweat.

  • Fareed Zakaria comparesFareed Zakaria (one of our favorite CNN analysts, BTW), compares Iran to the fall of Communism in Europe, and says it’s unlikely Iran will fall the same way. He sides with Obama.

  • Fox News disagreesFox News brought on analyst Dr. Walid Phares for “Fox and Friends” to debate whether the U.S. should intervene in Iran. His answer? Yeah, Obama needs to stop being timid.

20 Mar 2009 10:57


Politics, U.S.: Elliot Spitzer appears to be ready for image rehab

  • He’s on CNN! The former governor of New York, forced out of office last year after a sex scandal with a prostitution ring, had an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria which will air in full on Sunday. They’ll talk about Spitzer’s AIG whistleblowing. Key quote: “Back then I said to people, ‘AIG is the center of the web.’ The financial tentacles of this company stretched to every major investment bank.”
  • He’s on Slate! Spitzer’s other sign of public life is in the form of a regular column he’s writing for Slate. In his most recent column, he discusses how the financial crisis affects governors. “Governors must deal with all the problems confronting our economy,” he says, “but they lack the federal government’s ability to run a deficit.” He may still have a political career yet.