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24 Apr 2010 14:30


Offbeat: Face transplant dude gets a little extra out of the bargain

We don’t have photos of the man who underwent the world’s first facial transplant five years ago, but we know the new face gave him a beard that he shaves. Wow. source

23 Nov 2009 20:13


Culture: Meet the sad, miserable face of anime’s popular decline ^_^

22-year-old Rie Otani spends long hours at low wages drawing anime characters for a market that doesn’t give a crap anymore. We never did. Sorry Rie. ^_^ source

23 Oct 2009 09:40


Culture: Whatever happened to Soupy Sales? Well, he’s dead.

  • Guess that solves that problem. Soupy Sales, born Milton Supman, died at 83. An iconic television figure from the ’50s through the ’70s, he took more than 20,000 pies to the face during his career. Which is approximately two or three more than we’ve taken since we started running ShortFormBlog. RIP Soupy Sales. source

28 Sep 2009 09:58


Offbeat: President Barack Obama: A beacon for facial consistency

  • Dude is such a good politician that he can keep the same pose no matter who he’s standing with. This, friends, is an awesomely goofy video.

01 Jun 2009 21:36


Culture: Why Eminem isn’t really relevant anymore. Just famous.

  • About five or six years ago, Eminem would have been the one responsible for making a memorable scene like this. Now he’s just the victim. source

05 Mar 2009 10:18


U.S.: Why do Democrats want Rush Limbaugh to be the GOP’s face?

  • 11% of people under 40 have a positive opinion of Rush source