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07 Feb 2011 13:18


Politics: Tony Blair has his say on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

  • It is founded on a different view of the relationship between religion and public policy than most people in secular societies would want.
  • Former British PM Tony Blair • The oft-maligned former leader speaking about the Muslim Brotherhood, whose likely involvement in forming a new Egyptian government is causing some angst for advocates of secularism. Blair suggested the Brotherhood was not extremist like some groups in other countries, but that while religion had an important place in society, he “wouldn’t want to live in even a democratic theocracy.” Can you even call something democracy if one entity officially has omnipotent control over the people?  source

19 Apr 2010 10:41


Politics: Does the internet create political polarization? A new study says no

  • perception The internet is making it easier for people to focus only on the extreme opinions they want to hear, either left or right. This creates strong political polarization.
  • reality As a new study notes, “Extreme sites are more common than extreme readers.” And strongly ideological readers read a little bit of everything online. source

05 Mar 2010 11:37


Politics: A couple quick thoughts on John Patrick Bedell and extremism

  • Let’s face it. Extremism isn’t right-wing or left-wing. A Christian Science Monitor article from today referred to John Patrick Bedell (along with anti-tax plane crasher Joe Stack) as a right-wing extremist. We’re not comfortable trying to tie these guys to any political leaning or political party. It creates a sucking sound that ties their opinions up in politics rather than focusing on the big issue, which is that there’s enough dischord in our country that random dudes are willing to attack parts of the government singlehandedly. Let’s get away from the politics and worry about the root problem we keep seeing. Extremism. source

05 Mar 2010 11:27


U.S.: Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell: Anti-government stoner

  • Given my belief that cannabis prohibition is the least defensible and most unjust aspect of the prohibitionist regime existing throughout the world today, I decided in March 2006 to cultivate cannabis in full view of the world.
  • “JPatrickBedell” • In an internet post which happens to be strongly anti-government. He apparently did this a lot, between YouTube and Wikipedia and other sites. When he attacked last night, he reportedly showed “no real emotion in his face” in captured video surveillance just before the shooting. source

06 Sep 2009 11:20


World: A far-right U.K. protest against Islamic extremism gets violent

  • 90+ were arrested after protesters and anti-protesters fought source

11 Jun 2009 21:41


Politics: Shepard Smith has another one of his amazing moments of levity

  • In response to the Holocaust shooting yesterday, Smith went on a tirade against right-wing extremism, claiming it’s ticked up since President Obama took office. He has these moments once a year or so where he gives us straight talk, and we wait patiently for them. Because they rock. (Though some conservatives no likey.) source