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20 Dec 2011 15:18


U.S.: Philly sports columnist Bill Conlin resigns amid child molestation claims

  • Allegations send Conlin into retirement: Nancy Phillips, an investigative reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, has reportedly authored an article alleging that Bill Conlin, longtime sports columnist for the Inquirer’s rival paper, the Daily News, was involved in sexual molestation of children. This continues a grim surge in sports personalities being accused of these heinous sorts of crimes — following the horrific allegations leveled at Jerry Sandusky, and the subsequent accusations made of Syracuse’s Bernie Fine, it’s beginning to appear that people claiming these sorts of abuse are feeling more liberty to come forward and speak out. Conlin resigned almost immediately after this news broke, and has yet issued no comment. (Above: Conlin with his late wife Irma, who died in 2009. Photo by chickiespetes) source

25 Mar 2010 20:02


World: Did the Pope wash his hands of a sex-abuse scandal?

200 deaf boys were allegedly abused by a priest. And Pope Benedict XVI didn’t punish him. If this is true, the Popemobile may not be enough protection for His Holiness. source

24 Dec 2009 12:24


U.S.: A Delaware pediatrician may have done lots of bad things. LOTS.

  • 33 felony charges against Dr. Earl Bradley so far, for alleged child molestation and rape of seven victims, who were very young
  • 100 victims could be named in the end for the doctor, whose practice resembled a carnival, due to a “mountain of evidence” source

18 Dec 2009 22:34


14 Oct 2009 09:31


Culture: Jaycee Dugard on the cover of People: She’s beeeeautiful

Considering the strangeness of the situation, it’s great to know that she looks like a reasonably normal human being when put on the front of a magazine. source

24 Jul 2009 11:40


U.S.: Whoa. Most-wanted fugitive Edward Eugene Harper, then and now

Before: What looks to be a reasonably normal human being. After: Charged with child molestation, he lived the life of a nomad for 15 years. Yikes. source