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07 Feb 2011 11:13


World: Rio de Janeiro’s famous carnival props lost in massive fire

  • It looks really funny until you realize the context: Rio de Janeiro’s carnival-building section of town, Samba City, just had a huge fire where lots of stuff got destroyed. Costumes, giant props: They were almost all destroyed. (Nobody was hurt, though.) “We are heartbroken,” said League of Samba Schools president¬†Jorge Castanheria. “Everything was practically ready for the carnival.” It happened so close to the event, which draws hundreds of thousands of people each year, that they may not be able to get everything ready in time.¬†source

24 Dec 2009 12:24


U.S.: A Delaware pediatrician may have done lots of bad things. LOTS.

  • 33 felony charges against Dr. Earl Bradley so far, for alleged child molestation and rape of seven victims, who were very young
  • 100 victims could be named in the end for the doctor, whose practice resembled a carnival, due to a “mountain of evidence” source