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24 Jun 2010 20:07


U.S.: Bridgeport, Connecticut clobbered by huge freaking storm

The storm has downed power lines, made buildings collapse and put the city into a state of emergency. Holy crap. source

19 May 2010 12:06


World: Despite riots, Thailand’s situation not as deadly as it could’ve been

  • 30 number of buildings that were set on fire
  • 52 number of people that were injured in the riots
  • five number of people that were killed source

09 Jun 2009 10:48


World: Some evil jerk is dropping acid off of buildings in Hong Kong

  • 24 hurt, including a little kid, after someone threw acid source

13 Apr 2009 08:58


U.S.: A N.H. blaze takes a massive toll on a conference center

  • 50 buildings were destroyed in a multiple-alarm blaze; 4 hurt source

06 Apr 2009 08:54


World: Historic buildings took the brunt of the Italy quake

  • Most of the buildings in the city center are more than a 100 years old, and so they have walls that are a lot weaker than other palazzi that are made of reinforced concrete. So there were a lot more damages actually inside the city.
  • Joshua Brothers • An American missionary in L’Aquila, Italy, near the epicenter of the deadly earthquake. Another resident, Maria Francesco, said it “was the apocalypse, our house collapsed. It’s destroyed, and there’s nothing left to recover.” • source

11 Mar 2009 10:50


Tech, U.S.: A lawmaker wants Google Maps to blur out a ton of buildings

  • He cites terrorism. Uh, dude … Joel Anderson, a California assemblyman, recently introduced a bill called AB-255, which would require map programs like Google Maps to blur out buildings such as hospitals, schools, churches and government buildings. You know, dude, if the terrorists really wanted to take us out, they’d just have to aim at the blurry spot now. You’re kind of an idiot, Joel. source

08 Feb 2009 21:14


Offbeat, U.S.: What bothers people about McMansions? They’re too tall.

  • Somebody did a study on this. Not a parody one, either. Ohio State University, that school we love to hate (we’re from Michigan, OK?) did a study on the proliferation of McMansions, those really nice-looking standardized houses that have started cropping up in exurbs across the country. Most participants in the study said they didn’t mind the giant houses – as long as they didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, lording over the neighborhood like a castle. Personally, we think they’re perfect for Jesusland. source