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02 Dec 2010 12:24


Tech: Bitly News gives short links the Hacker News treatment

  • Thinks we like: TwitterHacker News. Now what if someone mashed up links found on Twitter to look like Hacker News, but with the ranking style that uses? Well, friends, you’d have Bitly News. Which is the coolest thing we’ve seen today. source

17 Dec 2009 21:53


Tech: is the best video tweeting tool we’ve ever seen. Ever.


  • This is officially awesome., as you might guess, captures tons of data every single time you throw one of your short links into their shortener. gathers all of the videos linked and tells you about the most popular ones. Why should you care about this? Simple. It’s better than YouTube’s own popular videos tool. Significantly better. We’re impressed. Keep an eye on this site, guys. source