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29 Aug 2010 21:10


Tech: Did YouTube break its featured videos formula for some reason?

  • Half of the top eight videos are videos that have something to do with a single YouTube celebrity – Shane Dawson. Great if you’re a fan of Shane Dawson, awful if you’re just about anyone else. Why is this? Well, YouTube changed its formula recently, so now it’s not done by hand. This makes no sense. Before, it encouraged the discovery of new videos. Now, we get Shaytards. And Fail Blog. And Shane Dawson. All of which, in our opinion, completely suck and aren’t nearly as good as that random stuff that used to bubble up. In other words, established entities win over actual viral content. Way to not understand your user base, guys. We know you’re owned by Google, YouTube, but get your humans back. source

17 Dec 2009 21:53


Tech: is the best video tweeting tool we’ve ever seen. Ever.


  • This is officially awesome., as you might guess, captures tons of data every single time you throw one of your short links into their shortener. gathers all of the videos linked and tells you about the most popular ones. Why should you care about this? Simple. It’s better than YouTube’s own popular videos tool. Significantly better. We’re impressed. Keep an eye on this site, guys. source