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24 May 2011 15:41


World: Hosni Mubarak to be tried for the deaths of protesters

  • Mubarak will stand trial over Tahrir Square protests: Reportedly in ill health, former Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak will stand trial for his alleged crimes, among them the deaths of protesters during the nation’s revolutionary movement in Tahrir Square (over 800 died before Mubarak’s departure), and the illegal acquisition of wealth during his time in office. Mubarak is in a hospital at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, while authorities also detained his two sons, also charged with corruption, in Cairo’s Tora prison. source

14 Nov 2009 09:58


U.S.: Obama: Hold accountable those who missed Fort Hood shooting

  • Given the potential warning signs that may have been known prior these shootings, we must uncover what steps – if any – could have been taken to avert this tragedy.
  • President Barack Obama • Speaking in his weekly radio address about suspected Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan, who reportedly had multiple (between 10 and 20) contacts with a al-Qaeda-sympathetic Muslim cleric. Obama says that whoever didn’t do anything despite these warning signs should be “held accountable” for their actions. • source

24 Jan 2009 13:27


U.S.: Keep track of Obama’s promises with this handy tool

  • He made like 500 on the campaign trail. Seriously. In an ultimate act of journalism-as-watchdog, the St. Petersburg Times’ PolitiFact Web site has put together and organized all of Obama’s various campaign promises, and will mark them down based on whether they’ve actually happened. So far, he’s kept five promises, and 14 are in the works. Not bad for a week. source