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09 Oct 2009 23:35


U.S., World: Critics not feeling this whole Obama Nobel Peace Prize thing

  • I think the committee has gone mad. We haven’t seen anything from him yet. Words and promises only, no actions. His troops are still here, Guantanamo is not closed, and Israel is building new settlements.
  • Fallujah, Iraq lawyer Omar Mohammad • Criticizing the Nobel Committee’s decision to give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s not alone, not in his region nor worldwide. Our vote on the matter shows that many people oppose his winning of the award, and others suggest that he may have won for his more European-style way of handling diplomacy. • source

02 Feb 2009 08:08


U.S.: Oh no! Obama broke a promise!

  • It’s his first one PolitiFact, which, as you might remember, has been keeping track of Obama’s numerous campaign promises, noted that late last week, Obama broke his first promise. He’s currently 6 kept, 1 broken and 1 compromise (and about 500+ to go).
  • What did he break? Obama made a campaign promise that he would allow for public vetting of any bill he was about to sign into law over a five-day period, but the the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (which curtailed pay discrimination) was passed after only two days with no comment. Shame. source

24 Jan 2009 13:27


U.S.: Keep track of Obama’s promises with this handy tool

  • He made like 500 on the campaign trail. Seriously. In an ultimate act of journalism-as-watchdog, the St. Petersburg Times’ PolitiFact Web site has put together and organized all of Obama’s various campaign promises, and will mark them down based on whether they’ve actually happened. So far, he’s kept five promises, and 14 are in the works. Not bad for a week. source