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Posted on October 1, 2009 | tags


Culture: Jesus Christ, David Letterman. Way to keep us on our toes

  • This morning, I did something I’ve never done in my life. I had to go downtown and testify before a grand jury.
  • David Letterman • Discussing the extortion plot against him on his show tonight. He admitted a couple of big things: He had sex with many of his female staffers, someone tried to extort $2 million dollars out of him, and he went to the authorities rather than go through with it. And you thought Conan O’Brien’s fainting incident was crazy. Larry King is in disbelief even, and he was talking to Jon Gosselin tonight. Somehow, this topped everything that douchebag said. In a way, we’re kind of proud that Letterman was so honest and forthcoming about it. • source