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Posted on January 19, 2009 | tags


Tech: Another attack on Microsoft by the European Union

  • IE’s the focus again The European Union, acting on a key part of Microsoft’s business, sent a statement of objections Microsoft for bundling Internet Explorer in copies of Windows. Sound familiar? It’s the same kind of antitrust fight that the U.S. fought against MS 12 years ago. This time, as opposed to Netscape being the victim of unfair practices, Opera’s making the complaint.
  • An open door for alternatives With this latest case, the quickly-declining market leader could be damaged more, and it’s all thanks to a 2007 EU decision which prevented Microsoft from “tying” its Media Player to Windows. Regulators aim to force the company to offer alternatives in its default installation, such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, thereby giving customers a choice. source
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