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24 Feb 2012 21:48


Tech: Microsoft appears to be killing off longtime product lines in Windows 8

  • Zune This death was kinda obvious for a while, but now the Zune appears to have zero presence in the upcoming version of Windows. Seriously, they lost their biggest fan like four years ago — the writing has long been on the wall.
  • Live More surprising is the fading away of the Live brand, which anchors many of their online messaging services; “Microsoft Account” will replace Windows Live ID. The company appears to be trying to simplify their brand naming. source

02 Jun 2011 11:03


Tech: Windows 8 in action: Microsoft gives the mothership a shake-up

  • A refresh of “Start Menu” dynamics: Microsoft’s upcoming refresh of Windows is a bold reboot of an OS way-better known for its incremental updates. WIth an interface that’s closer to Windows Phone 7 than anything that the desktop OS has done, the GUI appears to be touch-first, mouse-second, but done in such a way that doesn’t necessarily turn off the mouse crowd. Honestly, this is the most-impressive GUI we’ve ever seen from Microsoft, if for no other reason than that most of their operating systems have been terrible, in our humble opinion. The ball’s in your court, Steve Jobs — whaddya got for us at WWDC? source

29 Jun 2010 09:50


Tech: LEAKED: Microsoft’s possible Windows 8 plans? Wow.

  • Looks like somebody broke a non-disclosure agreement. These Powerpoint slides, which have been floating around the Web on some sketchy-looking forum for over a week, have recently drawn a lot of attention for what they’re suggesting. Facial recognition? Tablets? Ambitious plans for the living room? They’re all baked into these slides. MS has some big plans which they better not screw up like Windows Phone 7. source