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06 Apr 2011 15:23


World: Ivory Coast standoff still going, Abidjan in utter disarray

  • Gbagbo still sequestered at his home: Yesterday saw a lot of conflicting reports of the surrender, or lack thereof, of Ivory Coast’s electorally-defeated strongman Laurent Gbagbo. The standoff between him and forces loyal to the elected leader, Alassane Ouattara (who’s got other problems, too — his own ranks were accused of committing atrocities, which he flatly denies) is still going on a day later, a disastrous prolonging of the conflict for the people of Abidjan, who have little food and water, and are in tremendous physical peril. The reports coming in today, sadly, are no less convoluted than they were yesterday.
  • Playing For time Yesterday’s reports that Gbagbo was negotiating an exit deal to ensure himself U.N. protection now look like pure posturing. France has said that the talks to secure his surrender fell apart, and it’s now reported he was likely just buying himself more time.
  • How it stands Alassane Ouattara’s forces are near Gbagbo’s home in Abidjan, and are still locked in a standoff. Gbagbo still has a core of loyal soldiers, as well as mortar and artillery capacity. The Ouattara forces pulled back, and combat is reportedly suspended for a few hours. source

01 Oct 2010 09:45


World: Ecuadorian President nearly killed over budget cuts. Really

  • If you want to kill the president, here he is. Kill him, if you want to. Kill him if you are brave enough.
  • Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa • In the midst of a lengthy standoff, which started with hundreds of police officers assaulting him with water, tear gas and other not-very nice things. Looking for help in the police hospital, he was surrounded again. He eventually had to be rescued. Why did this happen? Well, the police officers are upset about a new law that cuts their benefits and bonuses for budgetary reasons. Really? Jesus. source

01 Dec 2009 08:36


U.S.: Manhunt’s over. Police shooting suspect Maurice Clemmons is dead.

  • It took two days to find him. After one complete false alarm, Clemmons was found this morning in Seattle, after being on the run nearly 48 hours. He was implicated in an ambush-style shooting of four police officers in a coffee shop in Lakewood, Washington. source