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03 Feb 2012 14:22


U.S.: Anonymous records FBI call with Scotland Yard, posts it on the internet

  • The FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now.
  • A tweet from an Anonymous member • Discussing how the group managed to listen in on a phone call between the FBI and Scotland Yard, discussing Ryan Cleary, a reported member of Anonymous. The group managed to listen on the call by having access to their internal e-mails, and using a password for the call distributed in one of the e-mails You can watch the video featuring the call’s audio over here, and our boy Matthew Keys has a pretty good wrap-up of the issues involved in the story. source

11 Dec 2011 12:17


World: Scotland Yard: News of the World scandal much wider than thought

  • 803 victims in News of the World phone-hacking scandal? source
  • » That’s what Scotland Yard says: They’ve investigated over 2,000 cases at length, and think they’ve found hundreds of examples of the same hacking that befell the newspaper earlier this year. “Operation Weeting has been in contact with or been contacted by 2,037 people,” Scotland Yard says, “of which in the region of 803 are ‘victims’, whose names have appeared in the material.” More people are likely to get investigated, but as their personal information is limited, it’s believed they were less likely to be hacked by the newspaper.

12 Aug 2011 11:19


World: Scotland Yard takes offense to David Cameron’s take on riot response

  • I think after any event like this, people will always make comments who weren’t there.
  • Scotland Yard Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin • Offering a rebuttal to the tough comments Prime Minister David Cameron made about the police response to the riots in London and throughout the United Kingdom. Mind you, Godwin has a point — see, Cameron, top policing official Theresa May and London Mayor Boris Johnson all happened to be on vacation at the time, and only came back to the country after the crisis got out of control. British police officers have arrested around 1,051 people since the attacks began, and roughly 591 have been charged with crimes thus far. source

16 Jul 2011 15:35


World: News of the World scandal: Did Scotland Yard turn a blind eye?

  • After the past week, that assertion has been reduced to tatters, torn apart by a spectacular avalanche of contradictory evidence, admissions by News International executives that hacking was more widespread, and a reversal by police officials who now admit to mishandling the case.
  • New York Times reporter Don Van Natta Jr. • Discussing the News of the World phone-hacking case in a piece that suggests that Scotland Yard had played a role in keeping evidence of hacking under wraps. “At best, former Scotland Yard senior officers acknowledged in interviews, the police have been lazy, incompetent and too cozy with the people they should have regarded as suspects,” the article continues. “At worst, they said, some officers might be guilty of crimes themselves.” Maaaan, this is getting messy. source

02 Dec 2010 09:56


World: British police: We know where Julian Assange is, but … not so fast

  • yes … The Independent reports that British authorities say Julian Assange, wanted under red alert by INTERPOL, is hiding in the U.K.
  • … but Despite this, authorities are waiting for more information before deciding whether to arrest the Wikileaks founder. source

07 Feb 2010 13:57


Music: Pete Townsend’s child-porn arrest dogging him at Super Bowl. Why?

  • then The Who’s Pete Townsend was put on a sex-offender list for registering for a child porn site in 1999. He claimed it was for book research. Despite the case, Townsend was not found in possession of any images by Scotland Yard and had cooperated with the investigation. He was cleared of any wrongdoing.
  • now Townsend, who’s playing at the Super Bowl tonight, is getting an earful from Child AbuseWatch, which is using the case to draw attention to child abuse issues. Townsend’s take? “It’s an issue that’s very difficult to deal with in sound bites.… I kind of feel like we’re all on the same side.” source