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14 Jul 2010 11:03


Culture: Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin = Two rings, one engagement

  • ricky hollywood finally got it rightcome on, it was obvious this was eventually going to happen; being part of Sarah Palin’s clan is too good a money train to pass up, right Ricky? plus, you know, there’s a freaking kid and stuff source

21 Nov 2009 15:14


Culture: Ricky Hollywood, er Levi Johnston doesn’t go fully nude for Playgirl

Johnston’s career path from political joke to gay status symbol is now complete, based on these not-totally-nude photos. source

18 Jun 2009 11:11


Culture: Levi Johnston’s reward for knocking up Bristol: Going to Hollywood!

The renamed “Ricky Hollywood” even has a manager who’s also his bouncer. All because he had a kid with Sarah Palin’s daughter. Whoa! source