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25 Aug 2009 11:06


Culture: “Warehouse 13” still needs a little more to push it over the edge

Almost, but not quite, there. We have to admit that we’re still on the fence about "Warehouse 13." On one hand, its premise – that the Secret Service maintains a storage facility for objects like Indiana Jones’ lost Ark – is pretty darn nifty. The fact that the talented Jane Espenson (writer/producer on "Buffy," "Angel," and "BSG") is serving as the primary driving force as co-creator/writer revs our nerdy hearts too. …
  • The meh … But, as a whole, “Warehouse 13” hasn’t quite come together yet for us. Going for the “Eureka” vibe, the show has so far shown few episodes that offered more than the standard “artifact-of-the-week” fare. And the two leads, Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly, are capable at best.
  • The good Really, it’s the cool use of steampunk-style inventions-and Saul Rubinek’s scene-stealing Artie-that keep us watching each week. The upcoming guest appearances by Eureka’s Erica Cerra and Niall Matter (as a pair of gamblers in possession of an artifact) don’t hurt either.
  • The clipIn tonight’s episode, “Duped,” we also get to see that Myka (Kelly) is going to be going the evil twin/mirror universe route (with Louis Carroll’s mirror and everything!), only with less goatee and more cleavage. Sounds good to us. (Guest column by Micah Pearson. Thanks, man!) source

21 Aug 2009 14:18


Culture: SyFy’s “Eureka” is a great show destined to be discovered

Why, SyFy? What is it with the channel formerly known as Sci-Fi? First they re-brand to that silly new new name, and now they fail at properly advertising a show.

  • Tonight’s show We love Eureka with a passion that is a little inappropriate (and probably illegal in a few states), and are really looking forward to tonight’s episode-where the very-preggers-yet-still-hot Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) has her baby shower and-as the channel’s website states-the “Eureka-fied baby gifts push the envelope of eco-friendly design.” No, we don’t know what the hell that means.
  • A confusing preview The preview they sent out has absolutely NOTHING to do with tonight’s episode. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) and his fruitless attempts at relationships in this town are always great fun, but don’t you think they’d, oh you know, show us a tease of the actual story? Eureka airs at 9 pm EST on the channel formerly known as Sci-Fi. (Thanks to our friend Micah Pearson for the spiffy preview. – Ed.) source

19 Aug 2009 20:49


Tech: We have an invite to Typekit. Here’s a sneak peek.

Here it is in action. It's not cheap. But it sure looks neat, doesn't it, guys?
Here's a lineup of costs:

Trial: Free (but you only get to use two fonts out of a mediocre collection, lame icon in the bottom corner – see below)
Personal: $7/month, $24.99 launch special (bigger collection, up to five fonts)
Professional: $17/month, $49.99/year launch special (bigger collection, unlimited fonts)
Corporate: $49.99/month (pretty much the whole kit and kaboodle)

Did they pull it off?:

They did their homework. The prices are fairly reasonable for web developers. The interface doesn't suck. The rendering, while good, isn't perfect (but that's more a Web browser problem than anything). And the DRM doesn't seem so overwhelming that you can't enjoy the technology for what it is. Good for them. Source