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07 Nov 2010 20:13


Culture: New York Times once again proves more clever than everyone else

  • There’s journalism, and then there’s the NYT. Today, as runners got past the finish line at the New York Marathon, the New York Times (fresh off Cheesegate) got a bunch of the finishers to take post-race photos, and some of the faces are pretty amazing. Witness the post-marathon glow. (In other news, Chilean miner Edison Pena reached the finish line, too.) source

12 Sep 2010 22:18


Tech: Demand Media IPO: Crap content may be massive cash cow

  • $1.5
    the potential market cap for Demand Media’s upcoming IPO
  • $1.2
    the current market cap of the New York Times Company source
  • » To understand how crazy that is, let’s point out what the two companies make. The New York Times (minus the Jayson Blair saga) has been known for creating some of the best journalism known to man. Demand Media, through sites like eHow and, is far more known for shoveling as much SEO-friendly content onto the Web as they can. Yet, they could be worth more in an IPO. What is our world coming to?

27 May 2010 22:44


Music: M.I.A. doesn’t handle long-form interviews very well

  • The messages have mostly been from people trying to hook up with M.I.A. If she wants to get together with John at Bard next week, I have his number.
  • New York Times staff writer Lynn Hirschberg • Regarding what happened to her after the pop star, angry about the very interesting, exhaustive piece Hirschberg wrote about her, posted a phone number on Twitter claiming it was hers, like so: “CALL ME IF YOU WANNA TALK TO ME ABOUT THE N Y T TRUTH ISSUE, ill b taking calls all day bitches ;)” In reality, it was Hirschberg’s, and her voicemail totally filled up as a result. Listen. M.I.A. is an awesome musician who deserves a lot of respect for her art, but this is pretty much the worst possible way to handle a situation like this. You’re 34, not 12. source

31 Mar 2010 23:56


Tech: David Pogue: Techies will hate the iPad, regular people will love it

  • techies It’s just a giant iPod Touch, and
    it doesn’t do any of the technical
    stuff you’d expect a computer to
    do. The keyboard is hard to use.
    Oh, and it doesn’t run Flash.
  • non-techies It’s just a giant iPod Touch, but it’s also loaded with possibilities thanks to the new format, and is fairly foolproof. It’s fast and loaded with battery life. Oh, and apps! source